Problems from Olympiads

At this moment the archive contains 9309 problems.

International Competitions

There are 11 international competitions:

IMO 320 
Austrian-Polish 229 
Asian-Pacific 95 
Balkan 100 
Baltic Way 280 
Cze-Pol-Slk Match 78 
Hungary-Israel 106 
Iberoamerican 144 
Mediterranean 39 
Nordic 96 
Pan-African 30 

National Competitions

The collection contains problems from the following 44 countries:

Austria 160  
Belarus 232  
Belgium 64  
Bosnia & Hercegovina 78  
Brazil 153  
Bulgaria 686  
Canada 238  
China 140  
Croatia 183  
Czech Rep. & Slovakia 108  
Estonia 72  
Finland 16  
France 123  
Germany 293  
Greece 104  
Hong Kong 36  
Hungary 132  
India 227  
Iran 176  
Ireland 159  
Israel 56  
Italy 207  
Japan 100  
Macedonia, FYR 37  
Mexico 58  
Moldova 357  
Mongolia 108  
The Netherlands 56  
Norway 32  
Poland 528  
Romania 414  
Russia 670  
Serbia 582  
Slovenia 114  
South Korea 130  
Spain 130  
Sweden 90  
Switzerland 81  
Taiwan 69  
Turkey 159  
Ukraine 129  
Vietnam 305  

How you can help

Any help is most welcome. This may include problems, solutions, and/or feedback about certain competitions.

If you want to provide problems, we are particularly interested in those on a dark background. We are generally very happy to receive national contests that are not yet offered on the site (such as those in other countries), although it may be a good idea to contact us first - some such contests are already waiting in a stack. The materials you send us should be in one of the following forms (in the order of preference):

  • A LaTeX file in English;
  • A file of any type in English;
  • A file in another language, if necessary: the major European languages and all Slavic languages are OK.

Your help will be duly acknowledged, and your contribution will probably appear on the site in as soon as one week!

One more thing: Statistically, in such a large set of problems some mistakes must occur. We try to reduce their number to a minimum. If you encounter any (for example, a senseless or wrong problem, a language mistake, a typo, etc.), please report it by writing us, and we‘ll correct it as soon as possible. Thanks to the following people for reporting mistakes:

Babis Stergiou, Do Hoang Giang, Ercole Suppa, Francesco Morandin, Hae In Lee, Harun Šiljak, Juergen Voigt, Krzysztof Gogolews, Liu Guocan, Matti Lehtinen, Phan Anh Do, Philipp Dorsek, Shayan Dashmiz, and Yair Mulian.

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